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The City of London Gin Distillery

The City of London Distillery, also known as COLD, is one of the hottest new spots to visit in London this 2013. The distillery opened its doors in November of 2012, and is the first operational distillery within the city limits for over 200 years. The distillery’s owner, Jonathan Clark, has set up a venue where the story of gin can be told and where visitors can learn about the process – and of course, sample the products offered by Master Distiller Jamie Baxter. The bar and distillery is now producing its own brand of gin and vodka, and folks are arriving in droves to find out more. Once upon a time, gin was the drink of the masses. In 18th century England, gin was cheap and free-flowing, thanks to the nearly 1700 distilleries scattered throughout London. So prevalent was gin in London’s social structure that William Hogarth created two works of art to show the unfortunate consequences of the liquor on the lower classes. Fortunately for us, COLD is once again giving gin the respect it deserves. Using more than a little clever planning, the whole distillery has been installed in a basement on the historic Bride Lane. Tucked safely behind bomb proof glass, a set of hand-made German copper stills are lined up, gleaming brightly. The distilling process purifies the base alcohol (brought in from elsewhere). The distilled alcohol may then be bottled as vodka or passed along for further processing. The copper in the stills acts as a catalyst which helps to remove some of the sulphides throughout the process. To make gin, the distillery dilutes the...

Afternoon Tea in London

Possibly one of the most charming aspects of being in London is the opportunity to participate in a traditional London tea time. Far from being the pastime of old ladies and their cats, afternoon tea is undergoing something of a revolution throughout London’s boutique tea rooms, bakeries and hotels. Certainly, you’ll find the typical touristy offerings at some of the big chain hotels; but if you’re willing to get off the beaten path a little, you’re bound for a real treat – and at a mere pittance.   Bea’s of Bloomsbury Find it at: 44 Theobalds Road, WC1X 8NW If you’re looking for a stellar tea selection, look no further. Bea’s of Bloomsbury sources its selection from Jing, who supplies the restaurants of such culinary stars as Heston Blumenthal. But the delights don’t end with the tea selection. If you stop in for a Sweet Afternoon Tea at this bakery, you’ll be treated to multi-tiered plates, loaded with mini meringues, mini Belgian Blondie cakes, mini Valrhona brownies, and (perhaps best of all) signature Bea’s cupcakes. Bookings are a mere £12 per person, and reservations must be made by email at: tea@beasofbloomsbury.com. Bake-a-Boo Find it at: 86 Mill Lane, West Hampstead NW6 1NL Bake-a-Boo is the stuff of little girls’ tea party dreams. From the powder-pink exterior to the tea-time offerings, this spot corners the market on cute. If you show up for afternoon tea, you’ll be treated to tea and traditional cream and scones, along with mini brownies, teapot-shaped biscuits, and chocolate-dipped strawberries. Make sure you book by phone 24 hours in advance at: 020 7435 1666. The fare...

The Latest Fashion Trends in London

London is considered one of the four most important fashion capitals, alongside Milan, New York City and Paris. The Global Language Monitor even ranked the British metropolis number fashion city in 2011. London Fashion Week took place this year from September 14 to 18, 2012. And once again, all eyes were on the runways and events surrounding the events. Many were also watching to what sort of fashions people on the street would be wearing during this time. Some very clear tends have emerged in the capital of the United Kingdom over the course of these days. We’re going to give you a quick rundown of everything you should know for your next trip to London. As I’m sure you’re aware, now is the time to stock up on these looks if you want to wear the latest fashions. Prints Bold prints were popular with many designers this year, especially digital prints, some of which remind one of the 80s but also more modern looking designs. The louder the print the better it seems, and these prints combine a variety of shapes and patterns. If you’re not quite ready to wear a printed dress, try a blouse or accessory that add a little pizzazz to an otherwise drab fall or winter outfit. Military looks and bomber jackets Once again, military-influenced pieces were seen on the runways. These looks can be incorporated into dresses, tailored jackets, or other pieces. Bomber jackets were another recurring trend – for both men and women. Whether made of satin or leather, this is something that can be easily combined with other pieces. Color trends...

London – overview

London is a city that offers many options as there are personalities. Whether traveling as a couple, with children, alone or with friends, find your place in London.   The Best If you like music, I would say that the best place in Europe to enjoy it is London. There are plenty of bars with live music of various styles, but, of course, above all, you have brit-pop. And if you´re looking for instruments, Denmark Street is your street, there you will find guitars that are almost impossible to find in most European cities as well as all kinds of other instruments. Music breathes through the streets of London, to the point that anyone who is playing in metro can leave you in awe. It is also a good place if you´re a musician looking for your opportunity, since due to the wide variety of live music venues, surely, if you´re good, you will get a chance to prove your talent.   Family London has a great variety of amusements for the whole family, from Battersea Park Children´s Zoo, a small charming  zoo, owned by a lovely family who loves animals to the Barking Park Fireworks, an event that takes place now in November with concerts, activities for the whole family and of course, fireworks. Or a ride on the Ferris wheel, if children are not afraid of heights, a picnic in Hide-Park or an afternoon adventure at Crystal Palace Park, a park full of sculptures of dinosaurs where the smallest can have a ball. There are also many children shows in London, such as Disney on Ice, and...

Motorcycle Hire UK London

MotorcycleHireUK is a motorbike rental shop where you can rent this vehicle that will allow you to move around without suffering through traffic.

Saatchi Gallery London

The Saatchi Gallery, sponsored by no less than Google, overcomes the concept of a traditional art gallery.

City Bike Service London

City Bike Service in London offers bicycle and motorbike rental and sales services.

Go Pedal London

Go Pedal is a bicycle rental company in London. They drop it off and pick it up at the location that you require.

Alecrim 50 Lisbon

At Alecrim 50 you will find the best in contemporary art and the most outstanding emerging artists. Located in the area of Chiado, it´s a good destination if you´re

Leicester Square School of English

If you want to learn English, the best thing you can do is go to learn it at the Leicester Square School of English, one of the best schools in the city.