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The Latest Fashion Trends in London

London is considered one of the four most important fashion capitals, alongside Milan, New York City and Paris. The Global Language Monitor even ranked the British metropolis number fashion city in 2011.

London Fashion Week took place this year from September 14 to 18, 2012. And once again, all eyes were on the runways and events surrounding the events. Many were also watching to what sort of fashions people on the street would be wearing during this time. Some very clear tends have emerged in the capital of the United Kingdom over the course of these days. We’re going to give you a quick rundown of everything you should know for your next trip to London. As I’m sure you’re aware, now is the time to stock up on these looks if you want to wear the latest fashions.



Bold prints were popular with many designers this year, especially digital prints, some of which remind one of the 80s but also more modern looking designs. The louder the print the better it seems, and these prints combine a variety of shapes and patterns. If you’re not quite ready to wear a printed dress, try a blouse or accessory that add a little pizzazz to an otherwise drab fall or winter outfit.

Military looks and bomber jackets

Once again, military-influenced pieces were seen on the runways. These looks can be incorporated into dresses, tailored jackets, or other pieces. Bomber jackets were another recurring trend – for both men and women. Whether made of satin or leather, this is something that can be easily combined with other pieces.

Color trends

Versatile metallic colors can be used for wardrobe pieces or accessories, since they go with practically anything. If you’re not feeling quite so bold, however, try them out first by using a metallic gold or silver polish on your fingernails first. You might just find your new fashion statement. The other visible trend for colors this fall was the use of citrus colors – oranges and yellows – but also pink. The citrus colors included a wide range of shades and tones, from mustard yellow to neon orange. The use of pinks – often combined with gray or light blue – were an accent color that was also seen across the runaways.


There were many creative uses of fun embellishments on both classic and bold outfits this year. These include the use of fur on the shoulders or necklines, lace appliqués on a variety of items as well as see-through cutouts on dresses or longer sheer hems using a gauzy material like organza.

Additional trends

Another noticeable trend was the use of loose, swinging trousers. These reminded me of the trousers worn by the iconic Marlene Dietrich. Fitted and flared skirts were also popular. This sexy cut is reminiscent of an inverted tulip which fits snugly in all the right places. High necklines like the turtlenecks of yore and 3-D flower prints also made an appearance. Dungarees or overalls were also seen, and these could be smartened up with a fitted blazer. There was a clear trend in the shoe department as well: ankle straps were popular in all different styles.

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