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Only-Be Londoner

Where to Do Your Shopping in London

London is a shopping paradise that is just around the corner. This guide will let you choose the best route to do your shopping in London.

London Cocktail Week

London Cocktail Week is back with more than 250 participating bars so you can sample the finest cocktails in London at the best price. Also there will be pop up bars, street food and music.

Notting Hill Carnival 2015

If you´ve ever been to a carnival, you´ll understand the beauty and excitement each and every moment brings. From dawn till dusk you´ll find mystical costumer designs, music that´ll have your hips swaying and mouthwatering food that´ll have you stick around for hours to come! Popularly known as the Notting Hill Carnival, this is the biggest festival Europe has to showcase. With its Caribbean vibe, you would be crazy not to join in with the festivities! First held in 1964 as a part of the Trinidad Festival,   the Carnival sticks to its original Caribbean root. Bringing a strong and vibrant spring of diversity to the streets of London. And of course, everyone is invited! With the first ever Carnival bringing forth only a mere 500 spectators; today you will find hundreds of thousands enjoying the cultural festivities, with figures that are continuously growing. It´s no doubt this is both a popular and most desired event! You will find more than 50,000 performers throughout the 3 day weekend, with 38 sound systems located alongside the Notting Hill Carnival Route. Don´t be surprised when you see more than 1million spectators attending this magical explosion of imagination, design and colour! To kickstart the Notting Hill festivities, here is a rundown of the events occurring over the course of the 3 day weekend: Saturday 29th The Notting Hill Carnival 2015 will be welcomed with the free open-air concert Panorama; a steel-band competition. Emslie Horniman Pleasance Park, 6-10pm Sunday 30th Now this is the Family Day portion. What is Carnival without the comedic family moments coming into play? This day will have you on...

Britain’s Beautiful Beaches

Are you one of those people who doesn’t know how to vacation anywhere other than the Balearic or Greek Islands? If so, you are missing out on the rest of the world. And though they may not make the cover of tourist brochures or be a favorite with mass tourism, there are also paradisiacal beaches in some of the cooler areas of the globe. One such place is Britain. Yes, the land where it rains all day, of which we are only ever shown grey pictures, deserted beaches, and people in dark suits. But the reality is very different. Though it may well be true that London gets its share of rainfall being the capital of a country with rather cold average temperatures, it does get very warm there in the summer months, and especially in the daytime. And you don’t really need to go swimming at night now, do you? There are two coasts in Great Britain worth noting for their beauty. First off is the Jurassic Coast, stretching from East Devon to East Dorset, in southern of England. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this 153 km long stretch of coast is characterized by its high cliffs and eventful geological history, both of which translate into breathtaking views over the English Channel. One of its better-known beaches is Durdle Door, popular for its natural beauty and its limestone arch that doesn’t leave anyone cold. Lulworth Cove, a small seashell-shaped bay, and the White Cliffs of Dover, towering up to 110 meters over the ocean, are some other popular spots. Durdle Door Our second pick is the...

Father’s Day in London

It´s that time of year again. That comedic morning when men have to exchange awkward hugs and unwrap the ghastly, perhaps one-time use presents the family presents. That´s right, we´re talking about the ever fast approaching Father´s day. But what is it the Dad´s really want to do this year? Perhaps it´s time to give British sarcasm a rest and give euphoria it´s true definition. Just for a day at least. We do love our cynicism after all. After scouring the net, we have put together a fun list of events you could surprise your old man with. Here are 5 inviting situations to do right here in London. 1# OnlywithFood   ´The way to a man´s heart is through his stomach´. This goes for Dad too. Why not give him a breathtaking skyline view, as he sinks his teeth into his perfectly roasted vegetables and prime cut of steak, at the AquaShard London. With subtle Asian elements at play, this restaurant shall present an innovative and contemporary British cuisine that will just leave you just craving for seconds. With a menu consisting of hand-dived scallops from the Coast of the Northwest Highlands, as you overlook the River Thames, Tower Bridge, Canary Wharf and more. This could not be more of a pleasant Father´s day meal. Or why not reserve a table at London House, a Gordon Ramsey creation! We all know a masterpiece shall be served and good old Dad will be wined and dined with perfection. Did I mention, he also receives a Chocolate Cigar as a gift? 2# OnlywithComfort Remember when Dad´s idea of a night...

8 Different Plans for a Night Out in London

You’ve only just arrived, you are insomniac- or perhaps you are hyperactive-, and London has a magical appeal at night. When the sun sets, people look different, the streets turn golden and the city’s parks turn dark. When the lights dim, the friendliest of places seem to be engulfed in an atmosphere of sheer danger. There are extraordinary experiences to be lived in the wild shadows of the English capital. Here are 8 things to do for a bit of fun… The Ceremony of the Keys at the Tower of London A fun and unique way to spend a night in this city is to head down to the Tower of London and witness the Ceremony of the Keys, which takes place every single night without fail. This re-enactment of the locking of the gates involved big locks, cryptic passwords, and beefeaters. It is a free event but you’ll have to book, as the full-on London flavor of this unique experience attracts tourists en masse. Astronomy, Hampstead The highest point in downtown London, Hampstead Heath, is one of the best spots for stargazing in town. This is the place to be if you are looking to have a quiet night. Sit right across the Vale of Heath for the best views. Have you considered visiting the city’s museums at night? Tate Britain and the V&A have open late events on selected Fridays, hosting exclusive talks and shows, movies, and debates. Your unique chance to see some of the best exhibitions without having to elbow your way through the crowds. Polo Bar Polo Bar is a great little venue with...

6 Top Reasons to Travel to London

Whether on your first visit, or whether you know the Tube map like the back of your hand, traveling to London is always a joy. The truth is that England’s capital has an air of magic about it that envelops you from the minute you step out of the plane. But if you remain unconvinced, here is our list of reasons that make London that must-see that we can never get enough of. 1. Because you will learn the true meaning of the word POLITE Stereotypes abound for good reason, and they often hold a certain degree of truth in them. Such is the case of the British and their polite, refined manners. But it just so happens to be one of those stereotypes we are amply grateful for when visiting the city. You feel it right away: people offering to help you buy train tickets; waiters giving you their full attention and best smile; and people making way for complete strangers on escalators, so those in a rush can get through. Small gestures that make life a little more pleasant- an example we should all take home. 2. Because you will discover that all the world’s a stage And not in vain did William Shakespeare grow up in this land. The high value Londoners’ place on general culture and art deserves full admiration. Wherever you go, art is ubiquitous in any of its myriad forms. From the world-famous West End musicals, flooding city streets with posters and fliers prompting you to go to the show, to the street performances of Covent Garden and Portobello Road, passing through the...

Pillow Cinema and Hot Tub Cinema in London

Movie theaters reinvented. Pillow Cinema and Hot Tub Cinema are new movie theater concepts. Imagine a huge room filled with pillows, or an outdoor terrace full of hot tubs in the warmer months of the year. They’re no doubt the perfect plan for lounging around, or soaking in a tub with your love interest or with friends. There’s just no wrong way to enjoy the seventh art.

A Charles Dickens Tour and “A Christmas Carol”

Christmas is about being a child again. Feeling like a child full of wonder with a head full of hopes and dreams. It was precisely for such children that Charles Dickens wrote “A Christmas Carol” in 1843. You’re more than likely already familiar with the book. Are you a fan of Dickens? Want to learn more about him? He was so successful that after his death, many different versions of his most famous work created. To step back into his time period, the first thing we need to do is travel to London.