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7 Good, Cheap and Cheerful Restaurants in Madrid

If you’re in Madrid and looking for affordable restaurants for a lunch or dinner fix, you’ll find there’s more here than you ever thought possible: tapas bars, sushi places, or pizzerias… the Spanish capital is jam-packed with restaurants that will appease your hunger for less than 25€. We have compiled our own customized list that takes into account, not just the price but also the quality on offer, so you don’t have to spend twice as much if the first restaurant you visit doesn’t deliver. 1. Mythos Greek Restaurant. This restaurant on Calle Apodaca 20 (Chueca), offers a range of Mediterranean flavors that its regulars swear by. Among its specialties you’ll find Tzatziki, Dolmadakia, Hummus and Feta, as well wines straight from the vineyards of the Peloponnese. We recommend making reservations for groups, as they offer hefty discounts on group menus. 2. Taberna Malaspina. Ravenous for some typical Spanish tapas? If so, then head to Calle Cádiz 9 for raciones, paella and a great atmosphere with a lively terrace. But be sure to call ahead and book a table to avoid unexpected surprises. 3. Anema e Core Italian Restaurant. If you are looking for high-quality Italian cuisine at an affordable price, this is the place for you. The menu ranges from classic Neapolitan dishes to selected specialties from regions like Sardinia and Sicily. However, the undisputed star of their menu is their margherita ‘dop’ pizza with real Mozzarella di Bufala, followed by their delicious deserts. You’ll find it at Calle de las Donados 2, in the historic center of Madrid. 4. Museo del Jamón. With 5 venues across Madrid, these restaurants serve Serrano...

Best menu restaurants in Madrid

Cornucopia Cornucopia Restaurant and Bar is a very popular place in Madrid. Open to the public since 1992, its facilities are full of art and good taste, which align perfectly with the variety of its dishes, wines and desserts that are spread across various menus. It is perfectly adapted to all your food and drink needs and budgets, with daily menus for € 11.50 from Monday to Saturday, from 13´00 to 16´30 hours (except holidays). It also offers express menus, cheaper prices less food, but never less quality. For € 8.90 you can choose a dish, even for the vegetarians. There are also: night menus, brunch menus or menus for groups. You´ll find this place in the Navas de Tolosa street number 9, in the Callao area.   Artemisa This vegetarian restaurant was opened in 1990; it is located in Ventura de la Vega street number 4 (Huertas area) and Tres cruces Street number 4 (Gran Via area). At Artemisa you will be able to taste delicious and healthy dishes:. The daily menu is not exclusively vegetarian and can be tested for the modest sum of 11.90 €, or € 9.90 for those who want to take away, definitely a good choice for the good weather in the capital. Come for lunch from 13.30 to 16.00 and for dinner from 21.00 to 24.00.   La finca de Susana This is a spectacular place to taste the best Mediterranean cuisine with creative and magical dishes at very affordable prices, and best of all, it is located downtown Madrid. A significant aspect to highlight in this restaurant is the fact that...

Go!Sushing Madrid

Go!Sushing is one of the most famous takeaway sushi chains in Madrid. If you love this type of food, you must visit this place.

19 Sushi Bar

19 Sushi Bar is one of the best Japanese food restaurants where, also, you can order takeaway food at an affordable price.

Spanish cuisine

Spain is one of the best countries for good food around the world. Its strong and concentrated flavours give life to regional delights and make of them a wonderful polychromy of aromas that reflect its history and the addition of cultures in its different colonization processes. Its Mediterranean cuisine integrates the exotic flavours from northern Africa and many others from America, that are mixed majestically, giving it that unique taste of Spanish cuisine.   In order for you to enjoy your stay in Madrid, we´ll give you five pieces of advice on the best dishes that you must try. If you want to try a wonderful mix that gathers Mediterranean flavours and those of other regions of Spain, you should try the famous paella, a dish that comes from Valencia but that has transformed into one of the stalwarts of good Spanish cuisine. It´s prepared in a pan suitable so that the rice, its basic ingredient, is cooked without burning. It also has pork, seafood, vegetables and spices, to which olive oil is added, something that´s essential in any Spanish cooking preparation. ´Cocido Madrileño´ (Madrid stew) is a dish that you have to try. It´s a stew made with different vegetables, chick peas, meats, chicken and beef. The preparation isn´t difficult but it takes time. You cook the meat, then you add the chicken and the chick peas and finally the meats and the vegetables. When everything is cooking, you prepare the ´pelota´, a ball of moist bread, garlic and parsley that´s coated in flour and then deep fried. Then the small ´pelotas´ are added to the stew. ´Tapas´...

Open 25 in Madrid

Open 25 is a supermarket which is open 24 hours a day, every day, in Madrid.

7 Camicie Madrid

Finding a place in today´s day and age where clothes are well made with high quality fabric is an absolute luxury. That´s exactly what 7 Camicie gives us with

El Argonauta Madrid

El Argonauta is one of the most famous music bookshops in the whole of Madrid, with all types of publications related to this form of art.

PubliARQ Bookshop Madrid

PubliARQ is one of Madrid´s most famous art and architecture bookshops. If you´re in the city you can´t miss out on it.