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El Argonauta Madrid

There are many bookshops around the world but, if you also love music just as much as you love books, you´ll probably like to read about it.


If you´re that type of person and you´re in Madrid, you can´t miss out on visiting El Argonauta, which is described as “the music bookshop”. The place, as its name indicates, is specialized in books and publications of all types related to music.


There are publications related to different genres, styles, for children, booklets, dance, musicology, pedagogy through music, formation, methods to use different instruments, books with discs, magazines and much more.


The best of all is that the books are not just in Spanish so, if you like languages, you can also enjoy buying, for example, biographies of musicians in their original language.


For all of these reasons, if you want to visit El Argonauta, you just have to rent apartments in Madrid and, also, get to know one of the world´s most beautiful cities that´s full of museums, monuments, parks and places to enjoy with your family or with your partner in all of its romantic places.