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19 Sushi Bar

Madrid is one of the most visited and famous cities, not only in Spain but around the world. There we can find some of the most important museums in Europe that hold works of high historical importance. Its museums have spectacular constructions and present parks in which you can spend an enjoyable time with your whole family.

If you´re one of those tourists that don´t want to waste time in restaurants who, on the other hand, prefer to eat al fresco, you´ll need to know places that prepare tasty food to take away. One of those places that you can´t miss out on is without doubt 19 Sushi Bar. As its name indicates, this place has sushi as its speciality, although they also prepare other dishes for those who aren´t too keen on Japanese food.

There you can order exquisite dishes at a very reduced price and enjoy some delicious sushi in, for example, a park while you enjoy the scenery of the Spanish capital.

If you wish to visit the city, you just have to rent apartments in Madrid and, as well as seeing all of its museums, monuments, parks and different attractions, also enjoy some of the best sushi in the city.