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Emporio Armani Caffe Milan

At the Armani Shopping Centre in Milan, located on Via Croce Rossa, you can find all the designer´s fashion ranges including his beloved café.

Le biciclette Milan

In a secluded street in Milan, there´s Le biciclette, which is a bar, restaurant, exhibition room and theatre stage. Unmissable.

Black Hole Milan

Black Hole Milano is a legendary club. Live music and private events organization.

Discoteca Alcatraz Milan

Alcatraz in Milan isn´t any ordinary club, it´s a meeting point of disco music lovers. Live concerts.

Porta d´Oro

Porta d´Oro is one of the most famous clubs in Italy and it´s in Milan. Home to magnificent parties, you have to visit it.

Magazzini Generali

Magazzini Generali is one of the most important clubs in the city. It opens every day of the week and every day it presents different parties for all tastes.

Il Gattopardo Café

Il Gattopardo Café is one of the most exclusive bars in Milan and what makes it interesting is that after 10pm it turns into a club.

Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone is the best place where you can go and listen to the best bands in the world. Black Sabbath and the Rolling Stones are some of the bands that have performed

Casablanca Café

Casablanca Café is famous for being one of the most exclusive bars in Milan but, if you manage to get in, it will be an unforgettable night.

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