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Porta d´Oro

Porta d´Oro is a famous club in Milan, known around italy for the quality of its partying. What the Italians love the most is that the dancing doesn´t stop until the sunrise and that they serve food until 4am.


That´s how it became an icon of the city of Milan, where thousands of tourists want to enjoy a good night Italian-style and they choose Porta d´Oro to do so.


But not only the tourists go to this club, the Italians are also big fans. One can go there early in the night to eat exquisite dishes prepared especially for each client. And later, when the night begins and is starting to warm up, one stands up from the chair and, with a full belly, starts dancing to the rhythm of the best music.


It´s located in the city centre, just behind the cathedral,in the Piazza Duomo. It has over 50 years experience and, still, the young people go there to have fun.


Sometimes they do live music performances, theatre or erotic dancing. The atmosphere is ideally prepared so that the night goes on the best way possible.


If you want to spend the best night of your life in a club, rent apartments in Milan and go out and dance at Porta d´Oro.