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Exhibition: Dreams of Nature in Amsterdam from Van Gogh to Kandinsky

The exhibition “Dreams of nature. Symbolism from Van Gogh to Kandinsky” is under way since February 24 and you can enjoy it up to the 17 of June 2012. Visit this fascinating exhibition and get carried away by dreams and visions of the artists of the time. The exhibition includes a large number of artists, from precursors of symbolism, such as Whistler and Böcklin, Mondrian and Kandinsky, who provided the impetus for major twentieth century movements like surrealism and abstraction. The works of painters such as Monet, Gauguin, Van Gogh and Munch, along with lesser known but equally great Eastern European and Nordic countries artists will be presented. Symbolist artists are meant to evoke visions and dreams, rather than reflect reality as it presented before your eyes. This was a reaction to the increasing industrialization and materialism of Europe. Symbolist works reflect the feelings of pessimism and fear and a desire to mythology and spirituality. The works in the collection include major symbolists such as Paul Gauguin and Odilon Redon. Moreover, Van Gogh himself is often seen as one of the first symbolists. The rhythms and energy of nature, and the bonds of the people with the land, are typical symbolist themes, which also concerned Van Gogh. The exhibition of paintings by Van Gogh, “The Sower” and “Wheatfield With A Reaper” play an important role. More than 70 poetic and evocative paintings of nature from the period that range from 1880 to 1910 will offer a new perspective of this fascinating movement. The landscape is the medium used by artists to represent their dreams, death, society, science, modern age, the...

Pete Murray concert in Amsterdam

The great Australian singer and musician Pete Murray will perform a concert at Paradiso in Amsterdam on the 10th of April. This concert will be a reunion with his fans that have always brought him to very good positions in the music charts. The singer will promote his new album Blue Sky Blue during this event. Pete Murray was born in Australia in 1969. During his childhood and adolescence was a sportsman who practiced rugby, athletics and swimming with no interest in music. Only when he was 22, he began learning to play guitar. His compulsive nature led him to study guitar and singing with determination, he started to perform at barbecues and private parties. However, his intention was to study medicine in college, so he put his studies first. Due to his great talent, his relatives insisted him to try to play professionally; he began to do so in bars and small festivals. He toured around Australia with the flutist Col Mc Intyre, they became friends founded a band with keyboardist Ben Mc Carthy, who still works with him. In 2002, he released his first independent album called The Game and settled in Melbourne to take his musical career to the next level. The following year he signed a contract with Sony BMG Australia and began a meteoric career. His career began with such success that the first album Feeler, launched in 2003, made it to the top of sales of the moment. His second album See The Sun achieved the same success as his first and remained on the charts for weeks. His name became a sign...

Strahov Picture Gallery Prague

The Strahov Monastery has an impressive art gallery with collections that date from the 14th century up to the 19th.

Art Gallery Jiri Svestka Prague

The Jiri Svestka art gallery has two venues open, one in Prague and one in Berlin. Central European contemporary art.

Motorbike Ventures Prague

Motorbike Ventures is a motorbike rental company in Prague where you can rent vehicles at reduced prices.

Leica Gallery Prague

Leica Gallery is an art gallery that specializes in photography. Located in Prague, it´s financed by a non-profit organization.

Bakeshop Prague

If you love cakes, Bakeshop is the place for you in Prague. There you can buy different takeaway food and enjoy it in a park or while you see the city.

Efteling Amsterdam

The Efteling theme park in Amsterdam takes us back to the world of 19th century stories. Unmissable.

Madurodam Amsterdam

Madurodam is a singular theme park in Amsterdam. es un peculiar parque temático de Ámsterdam. Muestra en miniatura los distintos rincones del país.

Jams in Amsterdam

Improvisation of contact is a dance technique and style in which the dancers lean on each other using the mass of their bodies during the movement, respecting certain basic rules, but unleashing instinct and improvisation. It´s considered that during the early 1970s, the American dancer Steve Paxton was the first one in laying out the basics of this art, especially developing intense duos which lacked a musical background, in other words, a pair of dancers touching each other, falling, counter-weighing each other, standing up, caressing each other in a mutual balance which ends up being a mix of dance, theatre and a martial arts duel. The atmosphere which is created among the dancers, and with the crowd in general, is cooperative and equal.   This accessible and slightly elitist atmosphere favours the celebration of informal encounters which receive the name ´jams´, and which the promoters of this style of dance usually celebrate around the world. Today I want to talk to you about a place in Amsterdam where you can attend both classes and weekly ´jams´: it´s the Studio 100 dance studio, located on Wittenstraat 100 (between Westerpark and the Jordaan). Every Saturday afternoon a large amount of dancers from different styles, origins and levels of experience (an advantage of improvisation is that there´s no need for a long technical learning curve before you begin to dance) gather there. From 2pm until 4pm they have a class (with a different teacher every week) to explain the bases of contact improvisation, suggest basic movements to start each dance and (most importantly) clarify some security notions to avoid injuries in the heat of...