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Art Gallery Jiri Svestka Prague

The Jiri Svestka art gallery opened its doors in Prague in 1995. Its aim was the internationalization of young Czech artists. In these two decades it´s achieved it´s objective and the success has been so big that, today, it has another gallery open, this time in Berlin, one of the European capitals that has the most contemporary art to give.

Also, the Prague gallery has managed not just to show Czech contemporary art but has also formed local collectors that, today, demand art from national artists and, also, look for new promising artists outside the Czech borders.

And so, at Jiri Svestka, they´ve exhibited artists from Germany, the UK or France. The works in traditional format, as it´s normal in these type of galleries, coexist with more avant-garde expressions, like the installations.

The capital of Bohemia offers the traveller a rich monumental heritage and, also, has avant-garde spaces like this one here today, Jiri Svestka, remember the name. If one day, during your trip, you find yourself in apartments in Prague with nothing to do, a good choice would be to go and see an art gallery.