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Overbookings Policy

What is this policy for?

As you are aware, Only-apartments has an immediate booking system. We work in this way because our experience has shown us that it is beneficial for clients (who do not have to wait for a response in order to make their booking) as well as the owner (who does not need to spend time exchanging emails and knows that when a booking is received, it is confirmed). This way, we avoid frustrations on both sides.

The system is very beneficial to all, if it is used correctly. We have noticed that the most frequent complaint from our clients is when the booking they make with us is subsequently cancelled by the owner. A cancellation brings with it a high cost – the cost of our time spent solving the problem, and to our reputation.

For this reason, owners and Only-apartments need to work together and focus on providing an excellent service to our clients. Experience tell us that in the majority of cases, the reason for an owner not accepting a reservation is because he or she has forgotten to update the calendar to show that the apartment has another booking. Another reason is that prices and seasons have not been updated.

Please be advised that:

Failure to update prices for different seasons (Christmas, new year, Easter, summer holidays, etc.) or for events in your area (trade fairs, conferences, festivals, etc.) does not excuse you from the obligation to accept a reservation

Failure to keep the calendar updated – again, this does not excuse you for not accepting a reservation. At Only-apartments, we do not ask for exclusivity and you may work with whichever other site you wish. All we ask is that you keep your calendar up-to-date in order to avoid overbookings.

What happens if you do not accept a booking

As an owner with Only-apartments, you may not cancel any booking. In the event of you deciding not to accept a booking from Only-apartments, you must advise us immediately via email to info@only-apartments.com, or by telephone. In any case, you must not get in contact with the client. The following consequences will apply if you do not accept a booking:

  • Once an owner advises us that they are not accepting the booking, Only-apartments will temporarily remove their apartment/s and will look for alternative accommodation for the client. The owner must pay 100 Euros to cover the cost of administration, by providing us with his or her card details.
  • If the owner helps Only-apartments to find alternative accommodation for the client and they accept it, the amount to pay will be 50 Euros only. However, if the client does not accept any of the alternatives suggested, the full 100 Euros will be payable by the owner, and Only-apartments will refund the reservation fee to the client
  • If the owner gets in touch with the client and not with Only-apartments, he or she will be in breach of this penalty.

    Only-apartments reserves the right to terminate its association with an owner at any time, requiring in any case that any pending bookings are fulfilled.