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Palais Royal

Very close to the Louvre Museum there´s the Palais Royal of Paris. It´s a unique architectural work that started to be built in 1624 by order of Cardinal Richelieu.


Once it was finished, the Cardinal gave the building to the French Crown and Anne of Habsburg and Louis XIV, who was still young, moved in. Since then it´s called Palais Royal.


The famous Comédie Française took place in a theatre inside the great Palais Royal, but today, in the palace, there´s the State Council and the French Ministry of Culture so it´s not open to the general public or tourists but we can still enjoy its gardens, that are one of the most famous in Paris for their beauty and prolixity.


The gardens of the Palais Royal deserve a special chapter and a thorough visit to enjoy each and every one of the 466 types of trees and bushes that can be found there, the marble sculptures and it´s fountains and ponds.


Visiting this place is a must for every tourist, who will probably return. Rent apartments in Paris and feel part of the history of the place and live and enjoy its green spaces and enjoy the sunny days.