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Prague Inspiration in Prague

Are you sure that you know what you want to visit in Prague? Are you sure that you can make the most of time without missing out on the main attractions and the most important monuments? Many of the tourists who arrive in Prague only stay a few days and, although the city isn´t enormous, sometimes it´s difficult to distinguish what you really have to see at the place from what isn´t worth going out for from your apartments in Prague Clearly, it´s about subjective points of view. For this reason, Prague Inspiration offers a great variety of tours, some more generic and other more specific ones on historical and cultural subjects which might be of interest to you. In relation to general tours, Prague Inspiration offers a daily tour service (every day, 3h of duration) and a night tour (every day, 3h of duration also). On the other hand, you can make the most of the tour of the Cruise on the Moldova (with dinner included!), by the Beer Factory or the path of the Thirty Years´ War, among many others. Generally, the tours leave every day on different times from the home of Prague Inspiration, and its duration is of 3h, although they can vary according to your necessities. Ah, and all guides speak English (certified).