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Santini Ice Cream Shop Lisbon

Santini Ice Cream Shop is the most popular in Lisbon and Portugal, considered by many that visit it the best ice cream in the world.


Its history goes back 60 years, when Santini opened its doors in the town of Tamariz. A lot of time has passed and after the success of its shop in Cascais, the people of Lisbon no longer have to go far to enjoy these famous ice creams since they opened a shop right in the heart of their city.


The secret of the success of Santini ice creams is due to them using a large quantity of the main ingredient of each ice cream, be it fruits, chocolate or even cheeses. The flavours that they have are from the simplest to the most experimental.


The flavour chart changes according to the season, although the most popular ones can be found all year long. You´ll definitely not leave Santini without trying at least two or three of their varieties, they´re truly delicious.


Those that stay in our apartments in Lisbon fully recommend the experience of trying a Santini ice cream, despite that on weekends in summer there´s a big queue which is, however, totally worth it.