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SegwayCAT in Barcelona

Do you want to get to know the city of Barcelona with a tour different to all your previous ones? Are you tired of doing the same old traditional tour among Gaudí´s works, the Sagrada Família and Barceloneta?


Are you afraid of using an unknown vehicle for the first time on your own in a city which is not yours? Don´t be afraid! The Segway is an innovative, original and fun solution to see the city in a different way. It´s a vehicle of light transport, electric and with two wheels, whose balance is controlled with a computer. It was invented by Dean Kamen in 2001 and, since then, many cities have adopted it as a tourist way of transport.


SegwayCAT is the official company which offers Segway tours in Barcelona. Active since 2006, it guarantees maximum security and a tour on an established route. You can choose your tour from a large variety of different options, choosing specific neighbourhoods or certain durations.


For security reasons, the tourists always receive training before the tour by the SegwayCAT. What are you waiting for? We recommend that you leave your apartments in Barcelona and go and see the city on the Segway. You´ll love it!