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The Perks of a Beachfront Apartment

Summer. We dare say it’s the most awaited season of the year. Whether we’re walking through forests of red and orange foliage, doing our Christmas shopping, or delighting in the first flowers of the spring… our thoughts are always on the sun, the beach, and the holidays. And it’s no surprise because, is there anything better than a day at the beach with the family, building sand castles, playing ball and beach tennis, or enjoying a magical evening from an oceanfront terrace with your loved one? If you love the beach, you’ll know that securing a first row spot, even if it’s just with your towel and umbrella, can be quite a challenge. But if you do it from your own apartment, you’ll have the summer on the palm of your hand. There are many perks to a beachfront apartment, so grab a pen and paper because we guarantee that after reading this you’ll want to start planning your next holidays at a seaside resort.

Spectacular Mornings

Having the early morning sun rays that trickle through your window and the sea breeze as your alarm clock is priceless. The smell of coffee and freshly toasted bread lingers in the air; you go out into the terrace and take in the amazing sea views. Could there be a better way to wake up? Hard to beat.

Homemade Food by the Sea

You wake up early, eager to hit the beach with the idea of making the most of the day and finding a good spot. A day with zero worries and nothing but relaxation and fun lies ahead. But we all know that we can get into a bit of an argument around lunch time. Agreeing on which beach bar to eat at can be mission impossible. That’s why there’s nothing more comfortable or easier than making some sandwiches or packing a lunchbox in your apartment, and then getting a small cooler and packing it full of drinks, ice cream, fruit, and whatever else we may fancy.

Private Dips

If there are many advantages to beachside apartments, there are many more when the latter come with their own private pool. The days of losing your voice every time you have to watch the little ones at the pool and keep them in check are a thing of the past. With your very own pool, you’ll have the little ones where you want them, without annoying those on neighboring sunbeds.

Comfort above All Else

Although a beach day with the family should be synonymous with great fun, we know that there can be some stressful moments, especially when it comes to unpacking and packing all the gear. You won’t have to feel like a beast of burden if you have your very own apartment just a few steps away from the beach. Getting to your apartment feeling tired, and not having to squeeze your brain or have to play a round of Tetris to successfully stack all the beach stuff away is a true luxury. Now all you have to worry about is getting to the bathroom before anyone else, so that you can have a refreshing shower to then relax in the terrace enjoying the sea views.

Night Swims

It’s time to go to bed, but it’s impossible to sleep. The heat and the sound of a mosquito circling over your head are to blame. You take a foot out of the covers, and clap both hands together in the air hoping you got the mosquito, but no. A midnight swim is the only thing you fancy at that moment. One more advantage of having a beachfront apartment is that you are not bound to pool opening times; the best pool ever is but a few steps away: the sea.


As you can see, we love staying in apartments by the beach, and that’s why we’d like to leave you this brief selection of apartments where to have a dreamy summer.

Dalmatia, Croatia

Not only will you have the sea a mere two steps away in Dalmatia, but also your very own private cove. Games of beach tennis, cooking together, organizing a game night… This villa is the perfect accommodation for holidays with the whole family.

Dalmatian apartments


Majorca, Spain

Some of our funniest holiday memories are, without a doubt, the moments shared with friends. We know that getting the whole group of friends to agree on a trip can be mission impossible but this apartment in Majorca could make things a lot easier…

Majorca apartments


Koh Samui, Thailand

Watching the sunset with your better half from a little house on the beach in Thailand… We can’t imagine a more perfect way to end a day of sun and beach. This is the perfect refuge for a romantic holiday.

Thai apartments