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The Master of Venetian Painting: Titian, in the Scuderie del Quirinale

The exhibition of the works of Tiziano Vecellio, which runs until June 16, concludes the work that the Scuderie del Quirinale began a while back to analyze the artistic production of Venetian painting and the role it has played in the renewal of Italian and European culture. Before Titian, one has been able to admire the works of painters of the modern pictorial revolution, artists like Antonello da Messina, Giovanni Bellini, Tintoretto and Lorenzo Lotto, at the Scuderie. Now it’s Titian turn. His works bear witness to what an important figure his was in the world of painting.


The exhibition presents the highlights from the Italian artist’s unstoppable rise, from his beginnings under the guidance of Giovanni Bellini and Giorgione to his being recognized as an artist of international fame. Many of Titian’s works were commissioned, and not for just anyone but for the most important figures of that period, including Charles V (during his coronation in 1530), and his son Philip II, future king of Spain. The exhibition portrays not only his work as a religious painter, but also the difficult job of being a portraitist for the nobility of the time.

The exhibition at the Scuderie del Quirinale is accompanied by scientific studies that have analyzed the entire production of this artist. These studies, conducted by the Ateneo Center for Visual Arts at the University of Bergamo, have managed to make fine distinctions between the works of Titian, from those developed at the beginning of his career in small workshops to the evolution of his own techniques.
You have April, May and part of June to visit the exhibition. If you are traveling to Rome at this time, be sure not to miss it. These works provide insight into an important part of our history and culture and  are a great tool for understanding all the artistic movements that came later.