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Trattoria 13 Gobbi

If you´re a lover of traditional food and you´re in Florence, one of the places that you have must visit is the one that´s called 13 Gobbi, which is one of the most famous and visited trattorias in the Italian city.


13 Gobbi is located in an ancestral building which makes it not only in a place where you can eat exquisite dishes but also where you can enjoy an atmosphere that you can´t find in many places.


The restaurant offers a very homely service and atmosphere and it presents foods that are rigorously taken care of to make them in the most genuine ways like they used to be made decades ago in Tuscany.


13 Gobbi is visited yearly by thousands of tourists and locals that go to its dining room to enjoy the most delicious dishes at a reduced price, for being one of the most traditional places that you can find in the city.


Also the wine list of the restaurant is very extensive and it presents some very good and affordable options as well as some highly valued wines from different regions of the world.


You can visit 13 Gobbi and get to know one of the most interesting trattorias in the city, but for that you´ll have to rent apartments in Florence