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Traveling the World in Marathons

Runners are a new species that are rapidly growing on our planet. These sports enthusiasts devote their Sundays to tracking their heart rate as they add miles to their list of accomplishments instead of resting like the rest of mortals. Today, everyone has that friend who started drinking a Coke or some juice in place of the Friday evening beer, because he or she has to run the marathon that weekend.


This new trend has invaded every city, and now it’s even possible to travel the world from marathon to marathon.

Here are some of the most well-known or special ones that will be taking place soon:

NEW YORK (2 Nov. 2014)

The ING New York Marathon is one of the most famous and highly regarded among experts. Over 50,000 participants, who are encouraged by some 130 bands, will race across the Big Apple, passing through well-known areas including Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens or Fifth Avenue to the finish line in Central Park. The registration fee is $347, nothing more and nothing less, and demand is so high that priority is given to those runners with the best times. http://www.tcsnycmarathon.org/

CHICAGO (12 Oct. 2014)

The Bank of America Chicago Marathon is another well-respected city race. The 26.2-mile race visits 29 districts of the capital of Illinois. In addition to receiving a blast of endorphins, the more than 40,000 athletes who take part in the race help support a charitable cause, since the registration is linked to various charitable associations. www.chicagomarathon.com

ATHENS (9 Nov. 2014)

This is the most authentic and genuine marathon. According to legend, Pheidippides ran to Athens to announce the victory at the Battle of Marathon, which is why today the race has the support of UNESCO as a historical and cultural sports event. It also attracts thousands of runners, some of them wearing original costumes as Athenian soldiers. And you need to be prepared, since the ground is uneven and demanding. www.athensclassicmarathon.gr

BARCELONA (4 Oct. 2014)

A race titled “Run the party” promises to be a fun experience. Basically it’s 5 kilometers of music, sport, party and solidarity. On the night of October 4 at the Forum in Barcelona, whosoever, regardless of fitness level, can sign up for this new type of race that proposes to combine this sports trend with electronic music. And of course, there’s also a charity component included in this original idea. 10% of the registration money will be donated to charities. http://www.ticketsport.es/evento/run-the-party-barcelona