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The Turkish Passion of Antonio Gala

The Spanish writer Antonio Gala is a great novelist internationally recognized that seamlessly works several genres such as novels, plays or poetry. But one of his most famous and beloved by the public novels is  “The Turk Passion ” classified as erotic fiction.

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The main plot of the book is a story of love and passion between a young Spanish woman, Desideria Olives, and a fiery Turkish man, Yaman. They meet on a trip the wife is having with her husband to the beautiful and exotic country of Turkey. Desideria was bored with her ??marriage and lived a life that she had ever desired, so she does not hesitate being seduced by a man who captivated her from the start. He was the tour guide of the whole group, including the husband of the lady, but she did not care and nothing stopped her nor her ability to explore love and sex with the Turk.

In the novel each of the sexual acts of the new couple are explained with extreme detail and how passion seizes them builds in crescendo, especially in Desideria Oliván seeking a getaway from the miserable life led with her husband in Huesca.

This interesting story is told as if it were read from the intimate diaries of the protagonist, and this increases the readers curiosity the who cannot  stop reading the adventure. In 1994, Vicente Aranda filmed this novel of love and sex, but fans of the book say the film does not faithfully reflect the wonder of the novel.


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