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“Verso Est” a Travel Photography Exhibition by Exploremore


If you are in Florence on the 14th of December and you have a passion for travel, you can’t miss the “Verso Est” (Toward East), a photography exhibition by Exploremore.  A collection of a hundred images which tell a story of a five year long journey started in New Zeland and ending in Europe, passing through Asia, from one side to the other.

The author, a 24 year old Italian blogger Angelo Zinna, managed to capture a thought-provoking series of photographs while experiencing that well-known feeling of “taking your bag and going away, thoughtless and planless, knowing that experience is the only souvenir you will bring back home”. Faces, smiles and landscapes: a Western and interesting point of view on the Asian culture.

“Verso Est” is a story that can be divided in three chapters: the exit from the Pacific Ocean, the Sub-Continent and the Silk Road. Under each photograph, you will also find a QR code that will allow you to  further discuss the piece as well as to deepen the understanding of the whole exhibition.

The exhibition will run from the 14th of December until the 6th of January at La Cité, a beautiful literary café that can be found at Borgo San Frediano 20 (close to Ponte Vecchio).

During the opening, you may also view the presentation of “Back to the Wild”, a project by No Borders Magazine and originated  by the translatations of Chris McCandless’ diary (protagonist of the famous movie “Into the Wild”).