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Vive Berlin

Berlin is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. A true metropolis with hundreds of places to see, shows to go to, museums to enjoy and monuments to visit. On many occasions, there are travellers who arrive at a city and don´t know where to start and, if they don´t have many days, which they need to prioritize and which to leave aside. For this reason, the best thing to do is go to a place where they offer tours and do one where not only will they take you to the best places but where they´ll also explain perfectly its history.

Vive Berlin is a cooperative which was founded by various people with varied knowledge (architecture, history, political science, art and much more), with the intention of helping the tourists from around the world who arrive to the city to discover both the centre of Berlin as well as its surroundings.

Vive Berlin is interesting because it´s made up by people with experience who have been in this field of tours for years and, also, they´re not only guides but also citizens of the city. For this reason, they know all of its secrets.

If you want to see the city in a spectacular way and learn everything about it, this is for you. Of course, before you´ll have to rent apartments in Berlin