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Check out here the Winner of the first Only Apartments Contest


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We already have the winner of our first Facebook contest who will be given 3 free nights in one of our apartments in a destination chosen by him. The raffle was made among all our Facebook pages. To get a winner at random we used the site random.org amongst all the participants. We would like to thank all participants and encourage all the people who have not won to continue to participate in future contests. Thank you very much and happy new year!

Let´s go on the high point of our contest. Without further delay, we are happy to announce that the winner is:

Chris Boyle from UK

The top 5 desired destinations


  1. Barcelona
  2. Paris
  3. Rome
  4. Berlin
  5. Lisbon


We´ve gathered some of the best answers in our contest. Check if there´s yours!



  • Paris – it´s a beautiful city with lots to do and see and a gasto extravaganza to boot!
  • Barcelona to experience the atmosphere and stroll in the sun with lots to see and even more to do
  • i love to go to barcelona
    barcelona is the most amazing city. it has everything from the sea to the mountains and all the fabulous places to visit in between. i think you could go there every month and find something different every time. to me it is a very special place and everyone should go there at least once …but that would not be enough
  • Paris, it´s the only place where I feel truly content, beautiful people, beautiful scenery and food to die for!
  • hi there! I would love to visit Portugal because it is an old dream of mine and to see the land where christofer colombus left to discover the great land of America!
  • Paris – there are always undiscovered things in Paris
  • I love Italy and France. The people are warm and friendly, there are plenty of intriguing things to see and experience, and the history is incredible! Rome is absolutely wonderful (been there a number of times) and always worth another visit. But with so many places left unexplored in Europe, any city would be great to visit!!


apartments in Barcelona /p>

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