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4cento Milan

Nobody doubts that in the whole of Italy they have a sixth sense for art and stagings. Actually, the experienced traveller goes to this beautiful region just to enjoy all of its art. 4cento falls into that category, a pub-bar-restaurant in Milan with high class decoration which, despite its adult taste, it has an exclusive, select and varied menu for children. And when we say children´s menu, we don´t mean the usual sausages and chips; we´re talking about refined education for demanding child palates. And a warning for all parents: there are many researches which downplay that cliché that children just like certain things. If they try new flavours, well presented ones, better elaborated and even more complex, the younger ones accept it as a good thing.

So then, what´s the plan? Firstly, that the family book an apartment or apartments in Milan secondly, your number and, after, book your weekend brunch (you know, between breakfast and brunch) at 4cento. The experience will be unforgettable.