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5 Apartments Where You’d Stay Forever

One of the privileges of staying at an apartment is that feeling of getting away from our own lives for some days, escaping our routine and living in places that seduce us. It’s the perfect occasion to find a new home, your home in a different part of the world; your refuge in a dreamed-of destination.

Now imagine you could do the same but for longer. For much longer. For the rest of your life. Where would you move to? There’s no doubt that some apartments are so inviting we’d like to stay forever. For their comfort, their luxuries, their amazing views, or just for their unique charm. Surely you’ve already found yours, but here is a special selection of apartments where you’d stay forever. Because you never know…



Attention to detail, good taste, a stunning garden, an inviting pool… Barcelona’s Green House in the Pedralbes neighborhood has all the ingredients to make your life more pleasant.




A traditional countryside trullo. Many would love to retire to this little house forever and spend their days preparing delicious breakfasts, reading good books under the shade of its olive trees, or hiking for hours on end along the nature paths that surround it.





This option is for the braver ones among you. A true life change if there ever was one. Leave the noisy city behind and find peace in this magical corner of India. Opt for a more austere lifestyle, away from materialism, and focus on nourishing your soul.




Sometimes we don’t need to travel so far to find peace. A simple and cozy home in a city as special as Lisbon can be more than enough to fulfill us spiritually without breaking away with everything.




Who hasn’t ever daydreamed of running off to the Greek Islands and forgetting about everything else? Backdrops of white, breathtaking views, clear blue skies, and the Mamma Mia soundtrack playing in our memory.