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One of a Kind Accommodation

To be completely frank, the name of our website might be a little misleading. Yes, Only-apartments primarily offers apartments for short-term rental, but let it be known that you can find all sorts of accommodation on our website. From gorgeous villas and mansions beachside to bungalows surrounded by green, there is something for anyone .

Here a small selection of our most curious accommodation:

A tree house

Not just a childhood memory. Spend a night at this treehouse in the south of Spain.




A hut

If you fancy a trip to Goa, India you should consider spending a night or two in this hut.


A houseboat

We offer various houseboats as alternative accommodation option, some of them in Rotterdam and Amsterdam. This one in particular can be found in Lyon, France.



An apartment with an indoor pool and a swing!

But if you are afraid of heights, don’t like to sleep in open spaces or tend to get seasick, you can stay in one of the many lovely apartments that we offer on our website. And in one of the apartments in Barcelona city center you even have an indoor pool with a swing. Isn’t that something?!In which type of accommodation would you like to stay?