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5 Christmas Markets in Italy

If you are staying in Italy over the holidays and want to experience the magic of Christmas at its best, here you can read about five Christmas markets in Italy that will color your holidays green and red.


Christmas Market in Naples


The Via San Gregorio Armeno, the street of the crèche or Christmas crib manufacturers (Via dei fabbricanti di Presepi) is open all year. If you like cribs, you’ll be left speechless by these. And don’t miss the live performances in San Gaetano Square or a visit to the Museo di San Martino, where you’ll find the famous Crib Cuciniello (from the 19th century). Every year, the manufacturers devote their creations to one of the characters of the moment: last year it was the president Renzi, who will it be this year? You can also purchase Neapolitan folklore Christmas dresses there.


Christmas Market in Trento


The market in Trento is located in Piazza Fiera. Among local artisans and Christmas decorations, there’s also the “I Sapori del Mercatino” (the flavors of the market) event which will allow you to taste the culinary specialties of Trentino. There are also abundant concerts and activities for all ages.


Christmas Market in Milan


From December 7 to 12 in Milan you can find the “Oh Bej! Oh Bej!” market, whose origins date back to 1288. Apparently, the market’s name derives from the exclamation of happy children when Pope Pius IV’s delegate, Giannetto Castiglione, came to Milan to mitigate the hostility of the Milanese by bringing sweets to them (Oh, Belli! Oh, Belli! – Oh, how beautiful! Oh, how beautiful! ). You can find everything you’ll need for Christmas here: candy, games, Christmas decorations, and more.


Special Christmas and Natale alla Rocca in Perugia


This is the first year in Perugia for this show-market of holiday crafts. Walking through the streets and squares of the city center (Piazza Mattetotti, Piazza IV Novembre, Via Fani) you’ll feel transported to a holiday village. And don’t forget to take a stroll through the “Rocca Paolina” Christmas market. You’ll find a very appealing setting filled with the work of artisans and creative products.


Christmas Market in Brunico


With around 40 booths, this market will transport you to a world filled with the smell of Christmas cookies, vin brulè and articles from the best Christmas traditions. It runs until January 6 in the Via Bastioni and Town Hall Square (Piazza del Municipio). Early in the season, around December 6, there’s also the Krampus, a traditional parade of the Austrian demon. One more reason to go to this market is that it is designed to be sustainable and organic (it’s even certified as a “green event”).


Have you found your favorite?