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We’ve Gone Mad! 50% Off Your Apartment #JulyMadness

We did get a mild case of spring fever but now, with the summer, we’ve gone completely insane! At Only-apartments the summer heat has clouded our thoughts and we’ve started lowering prices like crazy. Now, if you book your apartment during the month of July, you can get up to 50% off the price*! Isn’t it crazy?!


Choose your destination, choose your dates, and find the perfect apartment at the discounted rate you are looking for. But hurry up! This promotion is only valid for bookings made before July 31st. Take advantage of our temporary madness, book your apartment and enjoy the trip you want at half the normal price.


* Discount applied to the price per night. It does not include the extra costs of the apartment.



As you may have noticed, we were experiencing some technical issues regarding our promotion #JulyMadness that we premiered recently. For this reason, we were obligated to stop the promotion to avoid any confusion as we prefer to do things the correct and proper way.


We apologize for this change at the last moment and hope we did not interrupt your desire to travel.