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In this post we will explain how the “Rates” screen of the Extranet works and how to complete each of the sections. Remember that if you have any question write us at property@only-apartments.com. How do I fill out the “Commission” section? It’s simple: you should only choose between the two options that we offer: If you choose a flexible commission, our commission will vary, always lower than the set commission, so that your property has more competitive pricing on extended stays in locations with special offers or on special seasons. You will always receive the amount you choose. It will be us who will adapt to your apartment so that it is more likely to be booked. In this case, therefore, the maximum fee will be 15% (or 18 % depending on the destination where your property is located), and a minimum of 5%, but that’s what we calculate. You do not have to worry about anything. If you choose the fixed commission, your prices will always have a commission of 15 % (or 18 % depending on the destination where your property is located), regardless of the season or offer. How do I fill out the section on price generation? You must choose one of two options (PVP or NET), With the prices, seasons, discounts, etc. that you have chosen until now, you must create the following: The PVP is the sale price to the public, ie, what the client sees on our website. Choose this option if you would like to base your prices according to what the client will see on our website. The NET price is the amount that you take with you. Choose this option to only work with the prices that are set by you. How do I fill out the “Basic Price” section? You can do this by using the basic mode (setting the price for X people and charging more for each additional person) or Advanced Mode (by setting the price for each of the people staying in your apartment). The basic price is to be applied by default from now. If you would like to change your prices for a season or apply discounts or price increases, you must do so under “Availability and prices”. There you will be able to complete this in detail. How do I complete the “General Conditions” section? This specifies the conditions of your property (cleaning, supplies, security, municipal fee diet low minimum stay and advance you want to receive reservations). In advanced mode you can also set the maximum stay and days of the week when customers can enter and leave the apartment. Note that if you put, say, 3 night minimum stay, when people look for an apartment for a weekend (2 nights) they will not be able to view yours. There are certain markets where it is very common for weekend getaways and these things must be taken into account. Also think that if you enter a minimum of three weeks, certain clients which tend to book at short notice (2 weeks, for example) will not see your apartment when you do a search. How do I fill out the “Payment and cancellation” section? In this section you must choose how you want to pay the client. You can split the payment into two parts: to reach your accommodation or in advance. Our experience tells us that customers are more likely to book if they see that they must pay 100% of the rental to get to bed and not have to pay anything in advance. However, you can make a prepayment (once you’ve made 2 reservations with us) and be free to cancel the reservation without any penalty if the customer does not meet the payment. Remember that in this section you are choosing your cancellation policy and is to be applied to all customers.