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5 Capitals – 5 Typical Dishes

We’re convinced that the best way to get acquainted with a foreign country is through its gastronomy. Though at times we may be wary of trying new foods and we sometimes miss our national products, eating what the locals eat is the first step to immersing ourselves in their culture.

Today we want to talk about the most typical dishes across some of Europe’s capitals: Rome, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Budapest and Madrid. If you enjoy cooking, we encourage you to give these recipes a go in your apartment after buying the ingredients in local grocery stores. And if not, you can always surprise your friends by organizing a dinner party once you are back!


Rome – Carbonara

A delicious dish that everybody makes differently. Everyone has a particular way of cooking it but there is only one original recipe. We are not going to reveal it now but we will let on that it is not made with cream. The best way to discover it?  By visiting the local shops and chatting with the people of Rome. It’s highly possible that this will lead to spirited and funny discussions about the perfect way to cook it, but at the end you’ll surely arrive at the secret of authentic carbonara, and be able to surprise your friends, family or loved one with this delicacy during your stay in Rome.

Cook your carbonara in this amazing rustic kitchen, we guarantee you’ll feel 100% Roman.



Paris – Croque Monsieur

Experimenting with French cuisine can be somewhat daunting unless you are an experienced chef, as this country’s culinary delights can be quite elaborate. But if you want to surprise a special someone without losing your mind in the kitchen, you just have to buy sandwich bread, ham, and cheese (Emmental or Gruyere). Put it all together, place it under the grill… et voilà: there you have it, a super tasty Croque Monsieur: a lot more than just a sandwich.

This dish first appeared in a Parisian café in 1910, and even the great writer Marcel Proust mentions it in his book “In Search of Lost Time”.

Prepare it in the elegant kitchen of this Paris apartment.



Berlin  – Eisbein

It’s impossible to look at this stunning kitchen with such a large table and not feel the urge to throw a dinner party for friends.

Berlin is not precisely the best city for vegetarians, as most of its specialties are meat-based. One of the city’s most typical dishes is Eisbein, stewed ham hock with potatoes and sauerkraut. Cooking this recipe with your friends will be almost as much fun as dinner.

Pair this dish with a good German beer for a perfect night. And afterwards, nothing better than some music and a bit of fussball.




Budapest – Goulash

Visiting Hungary and not tasting some Goulash would be considered heresy. This stew, which is widely known nowadays, traces its origins to a soup traditionally made by shepherds (hence its name, which means “shepherd’s soup”) in large cauldrons over an open fire. It’s probably not the lightest thing you can eat, but it’s well worth learning to prepare it, as it is truly delicious. The ingredients? The main ones are meat, onions, carrots, potatoes and paprika. Locals will be able to recommend the best cuts for the perfect goulash.

All that’s left is for you to get busy in this pretty kitchen in Budapest, and enjoy dining like a true local.



Madrid – Cocido Madrileño

Do you want to feel like a true Madrilenian? Then, after a Saturday night out partying through La Latina, we suggest you prepare the typical Sunday dish: cocido madrileño (Madrilenian stew). Back in the day it was usually made with leftovers from the week, but nowadays it has become a true specialty made with top quality products. The main ingredient is chickpeas, served with various vegetables and meats, bacon, and sometimes also cold meats.

Wake up in this amazing apartment right in the Plaza Mayor, have a coffee from its terrace, and then try to make this tasty recipe for your dear ones to try. This rustic-looking kitchen is so beautiful that you won’t feel like doing anything else besides this.