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Are chefs the new rock stars?

If there is one trend in gastronomy that emerged in recent years, it is without a doubt local food. It’s back to the roots buying local products from local producers and it is A OK if this might be slightly pricier. People have become more aware and conscious of where their food is coming from. Traditional and local production is the gastronomic equivalent to “vintage fashion.”

Fashion and lifestyle blogs mention restaurant and chefs just as frequently as bands or artists. Not ever before have TV cooking shows, cook books and food fairs boomed as much as they do now.



Photo via NatalieMaynor

This all leads me to ask: have chefs emerged into the new rock stars?

There are many parallels if you take a look into both scenes. In music just as in food small independent operators are preferred over big corporate.

Authentic, selective and traditional vs. manufactured, artificial, mass

The new “in-crowd” doesn’t just have the scoop on the best clubs or bars in the scene. You are definitely one of the cool kids if you know great places to eat that share the philosophy of natural products and local production.

The skepticism over mass production of food and the keeping of animals continues to grow and people start asking questions about production methods, origins and ethical values.

If music and food are closely connected, the link between travel and food is even closer. People travel to exotic places and partly get to know the culture with their taste buds. Whether it is a recipe that you saw on your favorite cooking show on TV, an ingredient that you picked up at the local farmer’s market or maybe a recipe that you acquired on your latest trip, we take it upon ourselves to at least give it a try in our own kitchen. Who doesn’t want to impress as a great cook – almost needless to mention the money that you save by eating at home instead of going to a restaurant.

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