A Stroll through Parisian Thrift Stores

A Stroll through Parisian Thrift StoresA Stroll through Parisian Thrift StoresEven though everything hipster is in fashion, that retro, casual and somewhat bohemian style has been alive and kicking in Paris for decades. The secret of Parisians when it comes to dressing elegantly at reasonable prices is thrift stores. Care to join us for a walk through Le Marais neighborhood, where we find some of Paris’ most popular thrift stores?



Kilo Shop:

69-71 Rue de Verrerie
This well-known store can also be found in other European capitals like Amsterdam, and its defining feature are the old-fashioned balances found in several parts of the store as the cost of items is determined by their own weight. Each item of clothing includes a color-coded plastic circle indicating which euros/gram category the item belongs to. The shop in itself will have you falling in love with it, and it’s often busy with people just having a look; plus you can find virtually anything, from a denim jacket or a pair of Converse shoes, to a mink fur coat.


61 Rue de Verrerie

The mountain of bags visible from the window foreshadows what the inside of the shop is going to be like. Mad and disorderly, but with lots of good deals and heaps of style. The store itself is small and packed with items. But its secret awaits you upstairs: head up a narrow staircase to a room of fluorescent blue lighting where everything costs just one euro. It’s true that most items are nothing to be taken home but if you know how to look, you might come away with some bargains, and rummaging through all sorts of clothing items has its charm.

Hippie Market:

21 Rue de Le Temple
This shop is slightly more upscale, which reflects on its prices but also on the quality of its products. You can find many leather items, original bow ties, and designer handbags. It doesn’t have the charm of any of the two previous ones, but it is definitely the better option of the three for those who are not crazy about flea markets. It’s a beautiful store with personalized service.

In the vicinity of the Pompidou Museum, there’s an area full of less popular thrift stores where the house specialty seems to be Levi’s jeans. They have them in all models and sizes, and each pair has its own story, we dare say. Prices range from 30-40 euros for full length and 10-20 for shorts. They’re not a bargain but you can find some pairs in perfect condition if you are into flea markets, though we prefer our jeans a bit distressed!

Paris, Paris, city of fashion… for all wallet sizes!


Written by Claudia from Losviajesdeclaudia.com