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Milan: City of Fashion and Shopping


Milan, with Paris, is a contender for the title of Fashion Capital of the World, and there’s good reason for it. Besides being one of the favorite backdrops to some of the most important shows and catwalks, Milan boasts an inexhaustible supply of shops selling clothing, cosmetics, and accessories that will have fashion addicts going crazy. Not to mention the style and glamour exuded by its streets, perpetually transited by people that are always dressed on trend.

The good news is that in Milan, fashion doesn’t always have to be synonymous with splurging; there are countless places to find irresistible deals so that you can fly back home with a bursting suitcase.

The Quadrilateral of Fashion

Whether buying or not, this is a visit you can’t put off when in Milan. Framed by Via Montenapoleone, Via Alessandro Manzoni, Via della Spiga and Via Sant’Andrea, close to the Duomo, lies this high-end fashion oasis. The most exclusive and renowned names display their most elitist windows in this Italian melting pot of fashion. Evidently, only those with loaded wallets will leave with some items in hand, but for the rest of us fashion-loving mortals, it can also be an interesting experience.

This also the case with Galeria Vittorio Emanuele, another high-end shopping area that is well-worth exploring.

Via Torino

If you’ve whet your appetite for shopping, you can quench that thirst in Via Torino, where you’ll find more accessible retailers of the likes of H&M, Zara, Foot Locker, etc. And if you want to treat your feet, you’ve come to the right place: there are shoe shops here for all tastes and gaits.

Corso di Porta Ticinese & Corso Buenos Aires

For more alternative shopping in Milan, head over to Corso di Porta Ticinese, brimming with thrift stores and brand names like Diesel, Custo, and Miss Sixty, as well as less known creations by young designers.

Corso Buenos Aires is also similar, with a vintage taste and bargains reigning supreme, although you’ll also find shopping malls like UPIM and OVIESSE.

Fiera di Senigallia

And lastly, there are markets like that of Fiera de Senigallie, Milan’s oldest, in Strada Alzaia Naviglio Grande in Vía Vlenza, held every Saturday. There you’ll find virtually anything: from second hand clothing, to collector items and antiques, etc. Your stereotypical flea market only in the capital city of fashion.