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The ABCs of London: Part II

Notting Hill : Many people know this beautiful area of London from the film starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, but Notting Hill is also worth visiting for its world famous Carnival and alternative shops.

Oyster Card: This is a must if you travel around London by public transport and don’t want to pay a fortune. Money can be added to the blue card, which allows you to travel by subway or bus without paying the full price.

Pubs: The pubs of London, and England in general, are where people congregate to socialize. Some are older and others modern, but they all offer good beer and a pleasant atmosphere. And they’re quintessentiallly British.

Queen: The Queen of England is one of the country’s most key figures and the most important representative of Britain. You can find all kinds of souvenirs with her face on them, especially if you like rather tacky items.

River: The Thames zigzags across the city of London and is a large part of of its image. There are also famous bridges (Tower Bridge, London Bridge, Millennium Bridge…) and the heated regatta held between the universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

Shard: This 87-storey building was completed in 2012 and is the tallest building in the European Union at an impressive 306 meters. It stands above the other skyscrapers in the city and is an icon of modernity in the historic city.


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Taxi: Taxis in London are an icon of the city. They are black, spacious vehicles that can take you rapidly from one place to another. The drivers are very talkative and know the city really well, so feel free to ask them any questions.

Underground: The London Underground is the oldest in the world, having opened in 1863. It is the most convenient way to get around, but traveling during peak hours can be a test of patience.

Victoria: Probably the most famous queen in the history of England, she reigned for 36 years during the British Empire’s 19th-century period of splendor. You’ll hear her name often, as Victoria Station is the most important transportation center in London with metro, bus, and train.

Westminster: Big Ben is part of the Houses of Parliament, located on the Thames in the Westminster district. This is also the home of the famous chapel of the same name, where weddings and state funerals of Parliament take place.

Sex Pistols: This band changed the image of the city in the late 70s and early 80s, converting London into a city of rock and punk with a completely new ideology. To understand the recent history of England, just listen to their most famous album Never Mind the Bollocks, Here´s The Sex Pistols.

Yauatcha: Soho´s Chinatown has excellent Chinese restaurants, including some of the most authentic in the world outside China. Yauatcha is undoubtedly the most famous. London is a multicultural city, and Soho´s is one of the city’s most famous districts and known for its great food.

Zafferano: Who said you can’t eat well in London? Actually, you’ll find some of the best restaurants in the world here, like Nobu or The Ivy. They say the best Italian in town can be had at Zafferano, a restaurant where stars from Hollywood and the international music scene might just be eating at the table next to you.