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Actilingua Vienna

The world isn´t what it used to be. We keep getting more people (especially the young ones) who go and travel abroad, not just for mere pleasure but also to settle in a foreign country. Therefore, German is now the language that everyone is talking about. Goethe´s language, up till recently, was relegated to a secondary role in terms of importance but now, due to the importance that Germany is having in all the European economic affairs, it´s becoming more and more important and popular. But German is also the native language of the Austrians, so Vienna, the old capital of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, full of architectonic wonders and museums for all tastes, is offering the traveller, the student and the adventurer, courses of German as a foreign language. One of the places that teach it is Actilingua, with programmes designed for all tastes and needs, where you can learn German while you immerse yourself in Austrian culture. Of course, previously, if you were planning on taking part in one of these courses, it´s important to have booked apartments in Vienna They are available for short stays, weeks and even days. Remember that the immersion method is the best way to learn a language.