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Hartnackschule Berlin

Even though German is becoming fashionable as a foreign language in Mediterranean countries, Hartnackschule, located in the heart of Berlin on Mozart Straße, has been teaching German courses for foreigners for over 100 years and therefore is a pioneer in this type of education. Its reputable teachers prepare the student so he can defend himself in everyday Berlin life and also for the exams and tests to access the university. It´s obvious that we keep seeing more and more people who go abroad in search of better working opportunities and that the best way to learn a language is with the immersion method, in other words, living for an extended period of time in a place that the language we learn is the native language. It´s also obvious that Berlin is today the epicentre of Europe and a preeminent place in the world. You just have to rent one of the excellent apartments in Berlin that are available for short stays and, if you can share it with a flatmate (who doesn´t speak your language so you can improve your German) all the better.