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App of the month: Everplaces

At Only-apartments we´re keen to make travelling better – easier, more rewarding, better value, and fun – and with a world of apps out there, our mobile phones can be our best friend. So, every month on our blog we´ll be reviewing a new app that we think helps you get more out of your trips. Let us know what you think!


Our first app of the month is Everplaces – an app for the iPhone and Android that helps you to store and share your favourite places, reviewed by our Comms manager Rosie.

My view: I think I might get addicted to Everplaces. In a nutshell, it’s an easy way for anyone with a smartphone to get hold of some great local tips, and share their own, in a gorgeous looking interface.

Everplaces has 11 categories of “place”, including Architecture, Design and Culture. I’ve spent most of my time in perusing Food and Drink, which is a goldmine for people like me, who like eating well but don’t have a Michelin-star budget. I´m also slightly obssessive about sharing my own restaurant tips – as a Brit in Barcelona, I see every day how easy it is to eat badly due to shyness or lack of knowledge, and because this upsets me so much I frequently find myself emailing a huge list of tapas bars out to visiting friends of friends to save them from a similar fate. (The problem with Barcelona is that the best bars and restaurants often have the most unassuming exteriors, but of course, the worst ones do too!)

So it was great to have a more fun and convenient way of storing those recommendations. On Everplaces, I tagged these and put them into different “Collections” – mine include Ice Cream, Tapas, and Paella. Next time I get asked, I’ll be able to share them via email or Facebook.

As it should be, the easiest way to upload a new place is while you’re there, as the first step (which you can skip) in creating an entry is to take or choose a photo, and it’s tagged straight on the map. You can also follow other users, and store their recommendations in your own collections.

What I liked most about Everplaces (about from being easy to use), is how lovely it looks. It makes for some pleasurable pre- and post-holiday daydreaming – I used to love creating a scrapbook on holidays as a kid with the ticket stubs, sweet wrappers etc that I’d picked up and Everplaces reminded me slightly of that. And the great look and feel makes you want to use it for your genuinely positive recommendations. So when you´re out and about, getting hungry and need to find somewhere local, and right away, I can see Everplaces making life a lot easier.

Check it out on www.everplaces.com

There you have it, at Only-apartments we are offering you good Barcelona apartments and great advice to make the most out of your trips.


About the author: Rosie is our PR & Comms manager and hails from East Sussex in England, via London. Her favourite things about living in Barcelona are the healthy lifestyle, croquetas and being surrounded by history.