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App of the Month: Groopic

Of all the apps that we have tested over the last few months, today’s is definitely one of the best and maybe even the best. Want to know why it’s no longer necessary to be left out of photos? Keep reading.


How many times have you wanted to take a photograph while traveling but didn’t simply because someone has to take the photo? You come home and ask yourself, “But where are you in the pictures?”  One option that many people employ is the “selfie,” a photo that you take yourself with your face in the foreground taking up most of the picture and leaving little room to see what´s behind you, which is what you actually want to see. The selfie has become very popular lately, not only due to Ellen DeGeneres at the Oscars but thanks to sites like Instagram. But let’s be honest, a selfie is not usually a good picture.

However, let’s get back to our topic at hand. Groopic is a fantastic app for the following reason. If you´re with somebody and you want to have a picture of the both of you without resorting to taking a selfie or asking someone to do it for you (and without the embarrassment of a language barrier or fear that someone might run off with your camera or mobile), you can now use Groopic to photograph everyone. How? It’s easy. One of you shoots the other person or persons and then the photographer trades places with someone to position him or herself next to the others (not in the same spot). Then, Groopic superimposes the two images and they appear as one, like magic.

It’s definitely true that a picture is worth a thousand words, and the video that can be seen on the official website of Groopic demonstrates this perfectly. It’s pretty amazing to see what is possible. If you’re traveling with friends and would like to have photos of your adventures, download Groopic so you can all be together in the same picture. Nobody will know that there were actually two photos instead of one. Groopic can be downloaded for iPhone or Android, so there´s no excuse not to have it on your next trip.

You can access the Groopic website here and download the app in seconds. But I almost forgot to mention one of the most important details of this wonderful app: it will not cost you a single penny, since you can download it for free from the App Store or Google Play, depending on the device you have. We’re certain that once you’ve downloaded it, you’ll be recommending it to everyone you know. We know from experience.