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Top 5 summer vacation cliché photos

Since the arrival of smartphones, summer photographs have gone to a whole new different level. The concept has changed completely. The new fashion is to take photos of feet, photos under the water or photos in the swimming pool; the typical photographs of many people with their heads together in a circle and taken from below (at an angle) as well as photos of people jumping (the more people in it caught jumping, the more merit it has).

The truth is that smartphones, with hundreds of editing apps such as Instagram, can modify photographs and filter them in many different ways. Also, thanks to social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, your friends and family can follow you through all of your summer feats. For example, let´s imagine that you´re going to Rome on your holidays.


Feet-pic: There are two types of these: those that are of one´s own feet with a landscape in the background (i.e. the sea, a pool or a mountain) and those that collect pics of feet in a circle, one foot per person in a circle. The pic is taken from above, at an angle, and it looks great because people can be recognised by their feet.

Crazy-pic: It consists in taking a photograph without looking at the screen from above or below. It comes out how it comes out and one must not pay attention to the screen as some come out really cool. It´s almost like a picture taken by somebody else and that´s even cooler.

Jump-pic: These pics are the hardest ones to get. You have to try so that nobody is blurred and that all the jumpers do so at once in order to catch everyone floating in the air with the arms up. The good thing is that, if it doesn´t come out first time, you can try as many times as you like.

Shadow-pic: If we can be recognised by our feet and hands, we can also be recognised by our shadow. Some have a longer one and some have a shorter one, although all of them are in fashion.

Reflex-pic: These are pictures that the people in them appear reflected on something, from a mirror to a metro window, a glass, the water, etc. Any place is a good place to take a pic of the other ´me´, the one who is in front.

Cloud-pic: The sky in the summer is usually a source of many ideas. If it´s not sky blue it´s a lighter shade of blue and even white in some places. Clouds change every minute so it´s great to take a picture of a series of clouds or even a panoramic shot.

Panoramic-pic: There are landscapes that are so incredibly beautiful, from north to south, from east to west, that our pictures don’t do it justice For that, you can use panoramic shots, as modern smartphones allow us to take pictures of up to 360º.

Selfie-pic: Photos taken from right up close. These are the ones that we take of ourselves with the frontal camera on the phone. Usually we pose in many different positions but the bad thing is that you can usually see the arm taking the picture. These are the most typical ones you can see on social networks.

Lip-pic: To take it, you just have to look at the camera and blow a kiss with pouty lips. With girls, it looks very original to take pictures that are exactly the same but with different lipstick colour. After, with one of the many editing tools, you can make a really colourful mosaic.

Airport-pic: The most common ones are the photos of the boards that indicate where we are flying to. These are also very common on Facebook. It´s the best way for all your virtual friends to know where you´re heading to on your holidays.

Filter-pic: Lately, all photos are filtered, whether it´s with Instagram or any other app (there are dozens of them). In your own smartphone app store you can find them all. Through them and simultaneously you can post them on the social networks. These tools are quite entertaining.



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