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Art Fair in Paris

An Art Fair You Should Not Miss

The Art Fair of Paris is an event for art enthusiasts everywhere. Every artist is full of talent, but the more constructive criticism an artist receives, the better they become. In Europe the Art Fair event is held to promote the local culture. The event highlights different areas of the arts. A variety of stunning photography featuring the local scenes of Europe will be featured along with other works.

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Event Details

This year the event has a few changes. In 120 galleries of Paris it is going to be held. A new VIP program called “springtime in Paris” is going to take place as a talk series on contemporary design. The dates are March 29th to April 1st. The event will take place under the glass roof in the Grand Palais on Winstone Churchill Avenue. Those who have invitations to join the preview are being informed to attend it on 28th March at 6pm. The event will start at 11:30am on March 29, 30, and April 1st. Students will received a discount on their entry fee.

A Remarkable Event in Paris

Different parts of this event are going to be held in some leading galleries l’Espace Beaumont (Luxemburg), Filles du Calvaire (Paris), Laurent Godin (Paris) etc to attract a large crowd. This year around 55% of the invitees are newcomers who are considered to be promising artists. The renowned artists, who have already reached the peak of their career, will join event. The Art Fair of Paris is a record beater in that almost 1200 artists come here. On the day of its inauguration, 13000 visitors come to the opening of this grand event. There were 48000 visitors at the fair in just 5 days.

What’s new this year?

The organizers have been keen to promote the style of contemporary European design. The exclusive designs will be displayed in cutting edge galleries.

Event Highlights

Specialized Japanese photographer Priska Pasquer, Peter Halley, and Philip Taff will represent the photography section. One of the most attractive parts of this art fair is that some galleries will promote Chinese and Korean arts with the presence of specialized artists. Iraqi artist Halim Al Karim will be there to bring a solo exhibition for the visitors on middle-easern art scenes. Latin American art will also be displayed.  So while you enjoy your accommodations in Paris, be sure you visit the Paris Art Fair in order to cherish the essence of European, Asian, and American art.

For more information visit: http://artparis.fr/2012/en/

While you enjoy your apartments in Paris be sure you visit the Paris Art Fair.