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Frieze Art Fair in London

If you love contemporary art, you can´t miss Frieze Art Fair in London. It´s an art fair where you can find more than 170 galleries which represent all the most influent artists and which hold all the most innovative contemporary creations. This important event takes place every year in the month of October in Regent´s Park (one of the real parks which is located in the city centre). Like in all the well known fairs, on one hand you´ll find an incredible amount of works (sometimes you´ll even have the feeling of being in a bazaar rather than in an exhibition gallery), and, on the other, you´ll have to share corridors with thousands of people, which means that it won´t be easy to enjoy an ´artistic experience´ in the spaces of the Frieze Art Fair. But this event, far from giving a ´contemplative´ space, is orientated to the presentation of the latest creative trends in contemporary art, and its intention is to gather in its spaces many professionals of this field and art lovers. For thi reason, we recommend that you leave your apartments in London and come to enjoy this immersion into the world of art.