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Gallery Milan

Galleria Milano has the name of the city that it´s located in: Milan, the Italian epicentre of design, art and avant-garde. Although it has had to close during the troubled times in history in the past 20th century, Galleria Milano has been open since 1928, a record in this type of stores. Located in the city centre, in a small purposely rebuilt palace which still preserves the treasured wooden ceiling, on its white walls they have exhibited local and national artistic avant-garde and today, like yesterday, emerging artists await their chance to exhibit in this gallery which is almost 100 years old. Like all emblematic places of this type, Galleria Milano offers its clients carefully made catalogues of the exhibitions at the centre.

Although the cliché indicates that collections of works of art is reserved to rich pockets or famous fortunes, today, anyone can get involved in this fascinating passion at reasonable prices, because they can find graphic works, small sculptures or photographs by emerging artists at affordable prices. The experienced traveller, just as they leave their luggage in apartments in Milan can begin getting to know this beautiful city seeing its excellent art galleries. Galleria Milano is a must-see.