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Art Mark Galerie Vienna

This art gallery in Vienna is almost an art market. In its wide space of polished marble floors and immaculate white walls, the different exhibitions come one after the other without rest. These exhibitions are mostly of local artists, but there are also names that come from all over the world. The gallery is so big that its successive rooms are set up like if it was a museum; they even have a minimalist lined light-wooden bench to allow the visitor to rest.

Without doubt, Vienna is a destination that surpasses its own clichés, because it doesn´t just live off its rich monumental heritage or its museums. The city has plenty of art galleries where they exhibit artistic expressions from emerging artists. There´s no doubt that this is yet another reason for the most demanding and sybarite traveller, the one who likes to find pleasant surprises in the places he visits.

We have to recommend the reader that, regarding exclusive establishments in Vienna such as art galleries, visit the webpage (that we´ve pointed out on the right-hand column in this guide) in advance, because there are restrictions to the visit and it´s convenient to make a previous appointment. You can do it from your apartments in Vienna or online.