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Galerie Charim Vienna

Although the experimented traveller can think that the old capital of the Austrian-Hungarian empire, Vienna, is a bit absorbed in its spectacular architectonic patrimony and its broad musical offer (which is a lot already), the local entrepreneurs are learning how to reinterpret the concept of art. And so, Galerie Charim isn´t just another business where they exhibit emerging local artists but the promoters also go for newer expressions that come with more difficulty in the market. Although they have a good offer of graphic work, painting and sculpture, this Viennese gallery promotes, every so often, innovative performances that are duly filmed and uploaded on the net.

If you´re a fan of the latest art and you want to be aware of what´s happening in different places around the planet, a good piece of advice is Galerie Charim in Vienna. The gallery is open practically every day, but you have to be disciplined and make a previous arrangement. You can do it in your apartments in Vienna when you´re at your destination, or directly on their webpage whose address I´ve added here on the right-hand side column. Lastly, a petition: if you´ve used any establishment on this guide (it doesn´t have to be this one), we´d like to know your thoughts. The comments box is all yours.