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Azure Summer: Apartments with a Pool

Diving in head first, the pencil, the cannonball… we all have our favorite jumps and there’s no doubt as to the best place to practice them: in a private pool where you’ll feel like a fish in the water.

When it comes to planning summer holidays, more than a few have in mind sunbathing and doing a few lengths of the pool, and that’s why poolside apartments are the star option for summertime accommodation.

Independently of your chosen destination, a poolside apartment means that’s half of your holidays sorted: swimming suit, sunbed, a drink, and sun, lots of sun. And if to that you add a good pool float, you’ll surely be the envy of all your Facebook friends this summer.

We’ve not been able to resist the urge to show you some of the most impressive poolside accommodation to be found in Morocco, Madeira, or Dubrovnik, for instance.

Ready to take a dip?


Marrakech: Spice-Scented Exotism

apartment with pool marrakech

Marrakech can also be enjoyed away from the hustle and bustle of the city, swimming in a private pool surrounded by the color of cob that characterizes Morocco.


Majorca: Water with a Marked Mediterranean Flavor

apartment with pool majorca

If you add a luxurious swimming pool to a stunning garden, the result can only be some luxurious holidays in the Mediterranean’s most sought-after island.


Madeira: A Pool at the Edge of the Abyss

apartment with pool madeira

Dive into a dream come true. Swim in fresh water while taking in breathtaking sea views in this majestic villa in Funchal.


Barcelona: Poolside Family Time

apartment with pool barcelona

Barcelona is the perfect city for traveling with kids. If, on top of that, you stay in an apartment with a pool like this one, you’ll have tons of new wonderful memories to add to your family album.


Dubrovnik: Luxury on the Dalmatian Coast

apartment with pool dubrovnik

With the entire family, with friends…just a few miles off Dubrovnik, you can have a completely different summer practicing somersaults into the pool of a 200 square meter house, amidst the green of the mountain and the azure of the sea.