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Barcelona Card

Barcelona is a city with plenty of things to do in, so the tourist will have to stay in the Catalan capital for a few days (at least!) to be able to visit most of the touristy and not-so-touristy attractions of the city.


Because the city has so many museums to go to, activities to do and restaurants to eat in, this can be a bit expensive for those who wish to visit them all, so it´s good advice to buy the Barcelona Card.


This card allows us free entry to museums such as the MNAC (National Art Museum of Catalunya), and the CaixaForum among many others, as well as giving us great discounts to visit places such as the Sagrada Familia and the Picasso Museum, just two examples of a very long list. To see the complete discount lists, visit the webpage here on the right-hand side column.


As well as having many advantages in the museums, the Barcelona Card also allows us to have discounts in typical leisure activities, such as in different flamenco clubs, the Barcelona Zoo and spas. At dinner time, we can also benefit from it because thanks to Barcelona Card we can eat at a reduced price in a long list of great restaurants in the city. The card can last for various days depending on which one you buy, so it perfectly adjusts to the time of your stay, as well as there even being one for children!


So go for it! Rent apartments in Barcelona buy the Barcelona Card and visit its webpage to see all the places where you can benefit from by buying this card, which aren´t just few. The best museums, restaurants and activities in the city await!