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Figueres, Dalí and Girona

The city of Barcelona offers the tourist multiple attractions for their stay in the Catalan capital. However, outside the city we can also find interesting things and places to visit, such as museums, monuments, cities or towns of high cultural interest.


One of those places is the town of Figueres, some 90 miles north of Barcelona. In this beautiful town in the region of the Alt Empordà, the world-famous Catalan artist Salvador Dalí was born in 1904. For this reason, we can find the Dalí Museum in Figueres, a museum that exhibits all the surrealism of Dalí´s works in what used to be the old town theatre, the place that the artist chose to be in his museum. As well as the museum, the town of Figueres has a beautiful old historical centre to visit, where we can have something to eat and drink and just relax.


A few miles south of Figueres we find the city of Girona, one of the most important ones in Catalonia. This city has a cathedral and churches of high cultural and architectonic interest to visit as well as a pedestrianised city centre full of shops, restaurants and bars where we can spend a great afternoon.


Rent apartments in Barcelona and go and visit the northern part of Catalonia. Figueres with its Dalí Museum and the city of Girona await you, where you can have a great day trip visiting musems and monuments as well as enjoying the best Catalan food.