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Barrio del Carmen

The Barrio del Carmen (District of El Carmen), known also as El Carme, is a very relaxed place if you want to walk during the day and it explodes at night with its bars and nightlife where both tourists and locals go and sit at the tables in front of the bars where they can enjoy the best drinks.


The place is one of the busiest in the Spanish city because it´s a beautiful part of the city where you can do all types of things like drinking cocktails with your partner in a very romantic place to going into bars that become small clubs with different styles of music, where you´ll be able to dance all night long.


In the Barrio del Carmen diversity takes charge. Walking around the place you can hear different languages from around the world, styles, trends, music and a whatever the visitors need to have a good time.


There are the most expensive bars in the area as well as the most affordable ones, where you can opt to save money and enjoy a few beers or spend a few euros choosing cocktails from around the world.


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