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Heron City

Valencia is a place with a great diversity of options to spend some really interesting evenings and, one of the busiest places both by tourists and locals is, undoubtedly, Heron City.


This large complex opened in 2002 and it´s the second biggest cinema complex in Spain, with no less than 24 screens and more than 8400 seats to delight its visitors.


But saying that it´s only a place to enjoy the latest film premieres would be reducing it too much because there are many more things to do. In Heron City as well as watching films you can also enjoy various restaurants (both fast food and sit down restaurants), drink some delicious cocktails and even enjoy a night of bowling with your friends.


This diversity makes Heron City one of the busiest places at night in Valencia both by families and adolescents who go there to spend a nice evening.


If you want to see Heron City and see the latest Hollywood films that are premiered every year, drink the best cocktails and enjoy the restaurants and even go bowling, you can rent apartments in Valencia and get to know the complex.