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Barceloneta’s bars

In this article we’ll talk about one of the most popular districts in Barcelona, La Barceloneta. We will underline the best bars on its beaches, while describing the most special and interesting ones.


A little history of Barceloneta

It is worth noting, before starting, that this neighborhood has a very extensive history, since it was created back in 1753. In 1755 people started inhabiting the area, performing maritime and artisanal activities, while taking advantage of the port and sea around them.

Another aspect that the neighborhood acquired over the years, was a striking touch by workers, especially for being extremely close to both the port and the railway, which led it to be considered, in its beginnings, as a key industrial area for Catalonia.

From these historical touches, we know that La Barceloneta did not take long to begin incorporating leisure and dining options, which means, an great incentive, to other disciplines, as the practice of water sports and the birth of sports clubs: swimming, sailing, etc..


Barceloneta’s bars

– El Sol

This bar is very similar to Chiringuito del Mar, but El Sol, as the name implies, has a much more relaxed and mystical atmosphere, perhaps, is it because of its chill out music? Or is it perhaps the largest printed electronic rhythms on Barcelona’s nightlife? Like other bars in the area, it has a balanced menu of dining and cocktails, to combine vacation, sun, entertainment and nightlife.


– Chiringuito del Mar

One of the oldest in La Barceloneta, it attracts many tourists and visitors, for its enviable position of enjoyment. This is an essential beach bar for a drink with friends while enjoying the outdoors, whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It has a very adaptable menu for all ages. At night you can’t miss their cocktails, especially mojitos and caipirinhas.


– Princesa 23

This bar is the extension of the famous landmark local with the same name, which is located in the Born district.

Every summer, it extrapolates its magical essence to the beach and the coast, with the same nice energy as others in this list, cocktails and chill out at the best.

Princesa 23 is the perfect step up before leaving hitting the discos in Barcelona.


– Las Vegas

This is a familiar bar, which we can call “a life-time bar”. It also enjoys the benefits of a great location that attracts many tourists.

It offers delicious tapas, salads and sandwiches and at night, also an extensive cocktail menu.


To make your holiday, don’t forget to book the best accommodation in Barcelona and enjoy the beautiful beaches of Barceloneta.